SCODIX Printing

SCODIX is a state of the art new print process that adds a unique raised ink to your print surface. Its a bubbly glossy layer that looks super impressive on a merchandise stand. Distro Print can provide all your needs for producing and delivering your Scodix prints!

SCODIX Print Setup Instructions

Open your artwork in Indesign Or Illustrator
Create a new layer for the SCODIX separation
Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new SCODIX layer
Create a new colour swatch and name it 'Scodix'
Select colour type "Spot Colour", and convert all SCODIX elements to this spot colour
SCODIX elements are all set to 100% Opacity

SCODIX Posters are typically used to sell as a merchandise product ranging between $10 and $20 Per poster. 

Scodix Print Setup instructions

SCODIX Print Pricing

Scodix Poster Printing Prices

Scodix Poster Printing Prices

Please contact us, for other scodix products including business cards, presentation folders, flyers and postcards.