Q. In what areas do you distribute posters?
A. FULL DISTRIBUTION LOCATIONS HERE We always instruct our distribution team to paste up your printed material in areas that are relevant to your event / product / service.  We have legally rented sites across all areas of our distribution cities and generally have a good idea as to what areas will be most effective in promoting your event, but we do encourage you to suggest some areas that you'd like to have saturated. 

Q. What are your turnaround times?
This is a rough guide! but here are our average turnaround times. Feel free to chat to us about meeting your print deadlines. Below indicates turnaround between receiving payment receipt and dispatch of printed material:
A3 - Same or next business day
A2 (Short run, digital, under 250 units) - Same or next business day
A2 (Offset - 250+ Units) - 2-3 Business Days
A0 or A1 - Same or next business day
Flyers + Postcards (Under 10,000 Units - A5, A6, DL) - Same or next business day
Flyers + Postcards (Over 10,000 Units - A5, A6, DL) - 2 Business days
Stickers - 5 to 7 business days, depending on complexity of print / cutting etc.

Q. What are your setup fees?
We do not charge setup fees! - Free basic setup is included on all orders!

Q. What are your delivery fees?
We do not charge delivery fees on print orders over $100.  For delivery on orders below $100, please see our delivery charges

Q. What paper stock do you print on? 
We print on a very wide range of paper stocks. By default, we print on 150 GSM Gloss stock (applies for A2 offset and A3 digital) to get an idea of this paper stock please see the video below, you can also see our range of short run paper options here.  You can discuss what other paper stocks you require with us on the live chat below, or email / call us (contact info here)


100 GSM Bond - Paper and Print Example (A2 under 250 units, A0 and A1 Full Colour digital Print)


300 GSM Gloss Paper Example - You Am I Merch Stand A3 Poster


A simple video explaining bleed on printing for a borderless print result without losing any important art when trimming


Example of what 150 GSM Gloss paper stock looks like. www.distroprint.com.au - Used for offset A2 (250 plus units) and Digital A3 - All quantities.


RISO Print Examples - Stephen 115 GSM  LEFT Norbook 70 GSM RIGHT


Our paper is 100% FSC Certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by environmentalists, social interest groups, responsible retailers and leading forest companies to develop standards based on the ‘10 Principles for Forest Stewardship’ by which responsible forest practice can be measured.

this means real benefits so that:

  • Waterways are protected

  • Wildlife habitat and species are protected

  • High conservation value forests are preserved

  • Forest management practices are monitored annually

  • Pesticide use is reduced

  • Worker safety and wellbeing is enhanced

  • The rights of Indigenous Peoples are respected

  • Communities are respected and valued

FSC certification is internationally recognised as the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management. Its great strength lies in its ability to encourage dialogue between various sectoral interests. This partnership among business, the public sector, and civil society provides a unique tool for dealing with the issues surrounding forestry.

More information here https://au.fsc.org

Q. How long will my posters stay up? 
A. As soon as a campaign begins and we receive art, we go to print immediately and make sure some posters are up around the location of your event..  We base our distribution campaigns on a minimum of 50 posters per week, per city (indoor and outdoor), we can however distribute up to 500 posters in a one week period for a heavily saturated short notice campaign.  Please get in touch to discuss your campaign roll out once you submit your order!

Q. What is the quickest and easiest way for me to get a quote?
Sometimes it can be very time consuming typing up an email with 10 different delivery addresses and multiple quote scenarios... One way we operate with a lot of our touring company clients is by asking them to simply send through the tour poster!  We have most Australian venue address and contact information on hand - so knowing where to deliver posters during the venue's opening hours is easy for us! we'll make sure our quote includes - posters in the venue, posters in the street and some posters in your hands! 

Q. What dimensions / specifications do I need to provide for my art?
Please see our art specification page.  You can also download templates for your print material.

Q. Can you please send me a list of all the places you distribute?
A. Please see our location coverage list here: FULL DISTRIBUTION LOCATIONS - Please feel free to suggest locations that may not be on our listed network, we'll do our best to accomodate. 

Q. I've never done this before! can you let me know how many posters would be sufficient for my event?
A. Of course, send us an email for give us a call on 1300 734 990.  It would be good to let us know 1. Your budget, 2. The capacity of the event and 3. The date of the event... we'd be happy to tailor a few options for you within (or below) your budget for your consideration. 

Q. Can you convert my colour poster art to greyscale for AO Street Posters? 
A. We’re always happy to convert your art from a colour file to a Greyscale file, but as you can see below, this process is not always ideal. Often greyscale posters will be large scale (AO) and benefit from the artwork being tailored to stand out on the street with higher contrast text / illustration - see below.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.47.31 PM.png